Thursday, 19 May 2016

Kiwi Mummy Blog Review- Caffesso

Action Dad and I are committed coffee drinkers. Back in the days before we had kids, we had a regular cafe which we stopped at on the way to work and easily spent between $10- $15 on take away coffee daily.

Our last big "us" purchase before we had Miss Muffet was a Nespresso Citiz + Milk Delonghi and it has become a much loved member of the family. With continuous nights of broken sleep, it's easy delicious coffee has saved our sanity and kept us going on many, many days. Action Dad and I have our go to faves, with him preferring Kazaar, intensity 12 and me liking Rosabaya de Colombia, intensity 6. Each of these retail at $1.13 per pod. 

When Kiwi Mummy Blogs offered to send me some Nespresso compatible pods to review, I eagerly responded and promptly sat by the window waiting for the courier van to turn up.
sent Caffesso's Grande Gusto Medley packs for us to test out, savour and review-  a job which we took very seriously!

The Grande Gusto Medley is a sampler pack which contains one of each of the ten different varieties of pod that Caffesso produces. It comes packaged in a small rectangular cardboard container and each pod is easily differentiated by colour. The Grande Gusto Medley retails at $7.50 which means that each pod only costs 75c! We really liked the fact that Caffesso are producing a sampler pack as this enabled us to try out a range of their pods before committing to single variety packs when you have found your ideal coffee. has a great table which explains which of their blends is most like Nespressos eg Roma compares to Indiano.

Unlike other non-Nespresso branded pods we have tried, we were really pleased that the pods went into the machine easily and didn't "clunk" or feel like you were forcing them in- these pods are truly compatible with Nespresso machines.

The pods make rich, fragrant, fresh coffee which is really enjoyable to drink. My favourite is in the Sidamo blend which has a strong flavour with rich fruit notes. It is definitely comparable with my personal Nespresso fave, Rosabaya de Colombia and is nearly half the price!

I am really pleased to see that Caffesso pods are fully recyclable- a quick rinse of the pod, or even better putting the grinds in the compost bin and then the actual pod can go into the green recycling bin. 



  1. Hi Jenn, Michelle here. I just tried the links and they weren't working... Do you know what the problem might be?

  2. Hello, thank you for letting me know- I have redone them so they should work now 😀